01 October 2012

Moroccan Hospitality Restaurant, Malden, MA

Moroccan Hospitality Restaurant is run by sisters Nouzha and Amina. Its clean, not too big and the hosts are friendly. After reading many good reviews, we took the 45 min. drive to Malden , and we were pleased. The fact that the restaurant is mentioned in Bostons top new restaurants was also another reason we decided to try it out.The menu is inexpensive, simple and not to elaborate , but everything in there sounds delicious I wish I could try them all.

We ordered Lahrira soup which was served with soft and delicious Moroccan bread, I just wish the bread was warm too.

For starters we ordered the ground beef cigar, which we loved they came hot and crunchy dusted with powdered sugar and a refreshingly delicious orange salad and also the Maakouda , potato patties served with Lahrissa sauce. The M'hammer ( roast Chicken with preserved lemons) was delicious, the chicken was so juicy and tender, we ordered it with a side of  couscous which was also delicious, fluffy and moist, for dessert we tried their fekka, and other cookies , They disappeared even before I got a chance to take a picture. We ended our meal with the most delicous moroccan mint tea, perfectly made with fresh mint.

All food is fairly priced and the portions are generous.

Who: Moroccon Hospitality Restaurant

Where: 188 Salem St, Malden, MA.
When:  Monday - Saturday
            11:30 am - 9 pm

What: Ground beef Cigars
          Harira Soup
          M'hammer (roast Chicken Tagine)
          Assorted Cookies
          Mint Tea
Website: They have a facebook page, check it out here

To view their menu, click on the image below to enlarge.

If you are looking for homemade Moroccan food, authentic flavors, this place is definitely worth a visit. Friday nights are Couscous Nights !!!