27 March 2012

Taj Mahal Restaurant, Jamaica, NY

If your are getting in or out of JFK International Airport, NY , the Taj Mahal Restaurant in Jamaica is a good place to eat.

Its a small place with simple decor but is clean, cozy and inexpensive. The staff is friendly and the food is delicious. We went there recently on our way back home from the airport.

We ordered some Malai Kababs, Chicken Samosas, Vegetable Samosas, Butter Chicken, Mixed Vegetable Curry (I think it was Jalfrezi) Roti, Naan, Mango Lassi and Lamb Biryani.

The Biryani , Vegetable Samosas and Vegetable Curry were not bad , they were OK. But the Lassi, Chicken Samosas, Butter Chicken were awesome. Their Rotis are excellent, fresh from the griddle hot and the kababs sizzle :) The salad they serve complimentary is also very light n fresh , without any dressing.

The Chai, we did not like much, may be because by the time we had it in the car it had become cold.
They also had freshly made Paans (for those who eat) but we dint get a chance to try them.

All in all we left the place with content bellies.

Who:  Taj Mahal Restaurant and Party Hall

Where: 14801 Hillside Ave
             Jamaica, NY 11435
             718- 297 - 2201

When:  Mon - Sun
            10 a.m - 11 p.m

What: Mango Lassi
           Roti/ Paratha
           Butter Chicken
           Chicken Samosa
           Malai Kabab


Az said...

Nice review... good to know these halal places...

Sana said...

Totally going to add this to my list for when I go to NY. I had trouble finding halal places that were not street food..

halal foodie said...

Hi Sana, I hope u enjoy this place as much as we did if u visit.